Thursday, June 28, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant

A week late, but I wanted to write down stats from last week...

On Friday I went to have an ultrasound done to see if baby is still growing good. I was not surprised to find that he in fact is growing great! It was awesome to see his adorable face and chubby cheeks and hands. Yep, I could totally see my adorable little chunk with his thick hands. His head is down and facing right and he is completely squished in there. It was hard for her to measure every part of him because he is so crammed, and there was no way she could identify his "boy" parts, but thankfully I already have confirmed his manhood, not once but twice. When I left my appointment, I quickly looked up my 36 week blog post with Lincoln to make some comparisons between the two, and I was excited to see how similar everything was.

36 Weeks with Lincoln:
My fundus measurement was barely 30 weeks, so I was measuring 6 weeks behind! I was smaller than my previous appointment because Lincoln had dropped. They did an ultrasound to make sure he was growing and he measured in the 37 percentile and weighed approximately 5lbs 14oz.

With this baby:
My fundus measured 3 weeks behind and was smaller than my previous appointment because baby had dropped. They did an ultrasound to make sure baby is growing good and he was in the 30 percentile and weighed roughly 5lbs 8 oz.

What I find the most interesting is how the "fundus measurement" can be affected by so many different things, especially in the last weeks. Doctor Hermanshati explained that once baby "drops" the measurement becomes completely inaccurate. Even though I measured six weeks behind with Lincoln, he still measured bigger than this baby! Totally fascinating to me.
Also going off of these measurements, Lincoln only gained one pound from 36 weeks to 39 weeks when he was born. With that I can guess that this baby will weigh around the same, maybe slightly more, if I go the entire 40 weeks.

Anyways just wanted to write down all the doctors information.

Sorry no picture this week, but just imagine me wearing my husband's giant shirt, pink silky pajamas pants, and sandals. My hair is messy, bushy and gross. Nothing matches and I look worse than white trash. I even went out in public to get a much needed slurpy from 7-11 because that is what I crave. When I asked Scott if he was embarrassed to be seen with me, he simply said, "I just think you have given up hope these last few weeks". I've definitely given up hope on looking good and have quit attempting. I am what I am.....VERY pregnant.

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