Friday, January 13, 2012

Pregnancy Week 12

My due date is July 27th, 2012! I went to the doctor a little over a week ago and everything looks good! The baby has a strong heart beat and looks perfect

I finally feel like I am getting my energy back! It is amazing how tired I was. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to feel good anymore. The nausea has almost all disappeared, but some foods still make me a little queasy.  Music and reading makes me want to vomit, so I avoid it as much as I can.

Here is my first batch of photos! I feel like I should have started at 10 weeks, since I am getting bigger faster this time around. I gained 13 lbs in four weeks! It freaked me out so I started eating really healthy and cut out a lot of crap.



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  1. Yayy!! Congrats!! We are super excited for you! Allison's birthday is July 28th, so our babies will be close to 1 year apart! Yay!