Tuesday, July 10, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant

Not much to report this week. I am obviously STILL pregnant and starting to get REALLY impatient. I want to meet my little boy NOW!!!!!! I think what helped keep me sane with Lincoln was having an induction date set. I don’t have one at all and I literally have no clue if I will go over or under my due date and girls go over their due dates 2 weeks sometimes! That would kill me! That is ten months of being pregnant and I have already done nine, no way could I do ten.

I have 10 days left until my due date on the 20th. That sounds like nothing but it definitely feels like for-ev-er. When I think about how I feel, I feel great. If I was only 34 weeks pregnant, I would be all happy with how easy this pregnancy is. But I am not 34 weeks, I am over 38 weeks and therefore I feel every ouch, pain and I am oversensitive to every single contraction that leads to nothing.

The only bad thing I am suffering from is still acid reflux, but as of lately it has gotten ten times worse. There hasn’t been a night that I don’t have my head in the toilet. I try not to eat past 4:00 because by the time ten rolls around my stomach has produced enough acid that I have to puke. It is awful and the last few times there has been streaks of blood in my puke from my throat being so raw.

But don’t you worry! This has definitely NOT slowed down my weight gain. I have gained 31 pounds and I am still packing on the pounds. This little guy better come out weighing ten pounds so I can feel like this weight is at least going somewhere!

Overall I feel amazing and as long as I am not thinking about labor, as if that ever happens, I don’t feel very pregnant at all.

Here I am 38 weeks pregnant and very swollen. My hands and feet have really swelled up these past couple of weeks……ugh! I am in a swimsuit so don’t judge me too much for looking like a beached whale! I dread pictures lately and want to hide from the camera so this literally might be the last pictures of me anyone sees.  IMG_9466 IMG_9470 IMG_9487


  1. Only 9 days! Crazy! Good luck getting through this last little bit. Waiting is the worst! You look amazing for being so close!

  2. Um, yeah seriously. You are so cute and small! I'm totally right behind ya on the waiting game. Mine's due the 29th...and I REALLY want to have him NOW!!!