Saturday, March 31, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant

As I approach the third trimester, the “honeymoon stage” of the second trimester is quickly fading. I feel like I am going to explode! Whenever I eat too much I roll around in pain because it is so hard to breathe with all that pressure. The other night Scott and I went to a ward dinner event. We had already gone to a movie and had snacked throughout it, so when we got to the dinner I was already full. But hey, why not stuff myself some more? Big mistake! After eating, Scott looked over at my bright red, pained face and asked if I was going to pass out. I wasn’t going to pass out, but I was feeling a bit hot and stuffed. They were giving some very spiritual talks but I couldn’t take much longer and I got up to use the bathroom. I am glad the bathroom was empty because I spent the next 15 minutes jumping up and down, touching my toes, hanging from a stall door, loosening my pants, shoving my belly out and rolling around hoping that maybe I could get some more room in there. Eventually I gave up and left. Scott was standing outside the door looking very concerned. He had been debating about busting in the women’s bathroom to heroically save me because he was sure I had died in there. I am so grateful my husband is understanding of my pregnancy pains. We left early and I waddled to the car. Yes I have begun waddling, and yes I look like an idiot because I am not that far along yet.

Sometimes I wonder where this baby is going to fit when he gets bigger!

Right now he is the size of an ear of corn:


But one day he will be the size of a small pumpkin:

How in the heck is a pumpkin going to fit if I am already choking on corn!?!

Other than dying from food, I feel great! On Wednesday, we went to my doctor’s appointment for another ultra-sound and it was great to see my little boy again. He is still a boy! He is also healthy, healthy and Lincoln got to see him. When she was showing us the baby Lincoln said, “he is smiling!”. When she showed us his spine Lincoln shouted “he has teeth!” and then while looking at the head he said '”he is a circle”. We thought it was funny that he was so interested in the baby and shouting out what he thought he was seeing. Lincoln also felt the baby move for the first time this week. I was reading him his bedtime story and while I read, he held his hand on my stomach. When he got a kick to the hand he sat up and stared at my belly and asked, “what is in there mom?”. I keep telling him it is a baby, but I am sure he thinks mom is getting fat with an alien.

As for the exciting news, we decided on a name! Yay! I thought for sure our little boy was going to be nameless. I really wanted to have his name picked out before because it helps with bonding. It makes him seem more like a person and already apart of the family. We have decided to not tell anyone the name, but we will give you a hint:

It is a name of a car

Now for stats: This week I gained another two pounds making the total 17 pounds. Sometimes I feel like the weight is going to all the wrong places, like my love handles, thighs and rear end, but I am just thankful that my little boy is healthy and growing, even if it means I have to grow all odd-shaped too.

My belly is really starting to pop!


Here is my bare belly:


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