Friday, February 17, 2012

17 Weeks Pregnant

I have been waiting for this number for awhile. Something about saying, “I am seventeen weeks” sounds like I am getting far along. Only 23 weeks left……alright I still have forever to go.

This week has yet again been wonderful with very few symptoms.

Symptoms: A new symptom has made its appearance twice this week, Acid Reflux. Ugh! I didn’t get it this early with Lincoln, but boy did I get it! So far it hasn’t been bad, but I know it will get worse. It is the one symptom that I was an expert at complaining at.

Weight Gain: 12 pounds. After moving to Washington, I lost a few pounds and now that I am back on my feet I haven’t been gaining like I was. I am still on track to gain the 30 pounds I am aiming for.

Emotions: I don’t know why, but I don’t get emotional during pregnancy at all. This pregnancy I have felt like myself, normal, normal.

Waiting to feel baby: I have felt nothing, what the heck?! My friend can actually SEE her baby move and her husband can FEEL the baby already and she is as far along as me. I didn’t feel Lincoln until almost 22 weeks, but I keep waiting and waiting. With my developing acid reflux, I can only conclude that this baby is hiding in my back behind some vital organs, kicking nothing but bone and some veins. Either that, or my child is a wimp.

Baby: This week baby can now hear! I have already done plenty of talking to the little one and now he can actually hear my blabbing. I also spend a lot of time singing nursery rhymes to Lincoln, hopefully this one likes my voice because it nearly sends Lincoln to tears.

Can you believe my little guy is five inches?! Basically the size of a turnip:

And here I am with a bump!




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