Friday, January 20, 2012

13 Weeks Pregnant

I am now in my second trimester! Yay!

This week I felt better than I have in awhile. I only felt nauseas once or twice, but the best part is my three trips to the bathroom have declined to only one. WOW! The best feeling ever is waking up in the morning after several hours of uninterrupted sleep. I no longer feel like I need to take a nap with Lincoln and feel more energy everyday.

I definitely am still tired but the slight energy I do have feels incredible to how I felt a couple of weeks ago.

My tummy continues to grow because Baby is now the size of a PEACH!


Speaking of growing things, my boobs are getting HUGE! When I say huge, I mean not as small :) And my butt of course is growing too. That is the thing about pregnancy, it sure enjoys plumping us up everywhere.

I have tried to explain to Lincoln that there is a baby in mommy’s tummy, but he doesn’t understand at all. He now insists on showing me the baby in his tummy.

But here is the baby in my tummy!


I look a little drugged in this picture, but that is what happens when your husband takes the picture. IMG_7592

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