Saturday, February 25, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been wonderful! I finally started to feel baby! The day after I complained, I was laying there wishing to feel anything and I got two beautiful kicks. Just enough to let me know that baby is fine and I should shut up and stop whining. The rest of the week I got a few more gentle kicks, not tons and not real strong, but they were kicks and I felt higher than the sky.

Things are getting bigger, pants are getting tighter and I sometimes wonder if I am the only one whose butt grows twice as fast as their belly? I gained a pound this week making the total 13.

As for symptoms I have continued to have acid reflux, but only when I eat an absurd amount right before bed. I also can’t sleep at night! I lay there and toss and turn for hours and finally when I fall asleep…..I have to pee! It probably has a lot to do with the million thoughts running through my mind, but I just can’t clear them out before bed.

I know I am only 18 weeks along, but holy crap is time flying by! With Lincoln, every single week was painfully slow and now I am begging for it to slow down. Twenty-two weeks does not feel like very long left and I almost hope I go over my due date. Of course when I am about to pop I will be smacking my old self for saying such a stupid thing.

Next week is my doctor’s appointment and I am excited to start making a birth plan and of course to find out what the gender is so I can really start preparing.

Right now baby is the size of a sweet potato!


And here I am with my sweet potato bump!




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  1. Cant believe you're already 18 weeks! Exciting! And your sweet potato baby belly looks like my belly without a baby in it when I've just eaten a sweet potato. HAHA. Hope you're doing well in WA!