Wednesday, March 28, 2012

23 Weeks Pregnant

All about the bladder

My bladder takes over my life when I am pregnant. I constantly have the “urge to pee” and if I can go three straight hours without rushing to the bathroom it is a miracle. At night I make sure I go right before bed and then wake up twice in the middle of the night. It is exhausting and just plain annoying!

Last Friday, Lincoln and I went to the park to throw rocks and play in the water. I made sure to go to the bathroom before. I promise. I’m not sure if it was being around water but the moment we got there I had to pee. First mistake, I decided to hold it. After two hours, yes two whole hours, I was bouncing and told Lincoln it was time to go. He needed to finish throwing all his rocks. Maybe I am a terrible mom, but after watching him take his time throwing several rocks, I kicked the rest of the rocks in the lake with one quick sweep of the foot, “They’re gone, time to go buddy!”. I began walking quickly to the car and who knows what he was doing, crawling? Ugh! I grabbed him and began running. He lost his shoe. I put his shoe back on. Eventually we made it to the car and once the car was started I breathed a sigh of relief, only three miles to the house. That’s when it happened. I could feel the sneeze coming on. “Crap!” I thought as I crossed my legs and sneezed hoping with hope that it wouldn’t happen. Oh but it happened. Yes, I peed my pants. A grown woman, how embarrassing! It wasn’t too horrible, but bad enough that I did need to change some clothes.

This baby is on my bladder. Oh does he love bouncing on my bladder. I feel like I am nine months pregnant the way I run to the bathroom, cross my legs and smack Scott when he gets me laughing a little more than I can handle. By the end of this pregnancy I will probably be wearing depends.

Other than bladder problems, everything is growing nicely. I gained another pound this week making my total 15 pounds.

This week baby’s lungs are developing stronger and believe it or not if baby was born there is a very minimal chance of survival, but still a chance. Amazing!

Baby is the size of a large mango;

and here is my little mango:


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