Sunday, June 10, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

This week I have been SO tired! I constantly need to sit down and take a moment to breath. Sleep is getting difficult to have at all and I can only ever get three straight hours before waking up to pee. I have also been very emotional, I feel like I cry all the time. It is super annoying.

Now for venting, I know that I carry my babies different than a lot of women. I don't have that adorable basketball in front of me, but instead baby is in my back and hips. But just because baby is not two feet in front of me, doesn't mean I don't still feel just as pregnant as every other girl. Sometimes I wish I was bigger out front so people would treat me just a little more pregnant and remember I am in my final stretch. There are things I don't want to do and every other eight month pregnant girl wouldn't want to do either. I get tired on my feet, I get cranky, my back hurts, it's hard to breath and sometimes I need my space. Anyways, that is my complaint for this pregnancy.

Other than getting more uncomfortable, more tired, and more cranky, everything else is good. I'm trying to enjoy this last month as our little family of three and more than anything I am trying to soak up every last minute I get with Lincoln. I know I say that ALL the time, but it is something I will miss. Of course now we get to be a family of four which is even better. This is the last time I get my little boy to myself and so I'm busy making memories. He definitely is a mama's boy and I love it! He makes me feel loved with his constant hugs, kisses and gentle rubs on my back. He won't hug or kiss anyone else but his mama. Makes me excited for another little boy to love on.

With that said here is my belly:

And here is my Lincoln

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