Sunday, May 13, 2012

30 Weeks Pregnant

I made it to the 30's! I made it to the 30's! I seriously cannot believe that I am basically seven months pregnant. Yay! Time is definitely flying by and although I am not quite ready for baby to be here I am definitely getting there. Soon I will be hoping for the little guy to make his appearance but I am not to that point yet. Getting there.

Lincoln on the other hand is beyond excited and ready. He thinks I am growing a best friend for him to play with, which I am, but he won't come out throwing balls and pushing trucks around like Lincoln is hoping for. Several times a day he asks if he can come out yet and play. He asks if he is sleeping, or kicking me and sometimes will put toys on my belly for the baby to kick. It makes me so happy that he is already bonding with baby when he isn't here yet. Of course he will struggle when he comes and has to share our attention, but I think being older and understanding will make it easier to explain.

I have once again felt great this week. A few weeks ago I was in way worse pain than I am now. Which is kind of backwards, but my body just needed to adjust to the changes. I started sewing a few things for baby and preparing his room. It still has a long way to go, but there is plenty of time.

I have to find another doctor because we moved. Gag! This will be number four. It makes it difficult for me to even want to schedule an appointment so I keep putting it off.

I am nervous to add another person to the family and so we have spent a lot of time together enjoying these last months as just the three of us. It really makes me enjoy everyday moments and not wish away my pregnancy that I see so many expectant mothers do. Pregnancy is an exciting time and as painful as it is, don't wish it away. There are so few times you will get to experience that kicking baby and many women who can't experience it ever, so enjoy the moments and the time with your family before baby arrives.

This week baby is the length of a cucumber and approaching 3 lbs. He is getting stronger and stronger and could now grasp my finger tightly.

I definitely feel his kicks getting stronger but they feel more like shoves because he has very little room to swing a leg. I have gained 23 pounds. I wore a tight shirt so you can really see how big my belly is. I love it! I couldn't be prouder and I tell anyone and everyone I am pregnant.
Look at that big belly!

And here is my bare belly

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