Sunday, April 22, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

This week I got to welcome the third trimester!

That means two trimesters down and only one left to go. What are my thoughts and feelings? I am beyond excited! In just 13 short weeks I get to welcome this little guy into the world. I love newborns and how sweet, tiny and perfect they are. I am also scared! Will I be able to handle TWO kids? Will I be able to love this little guy as much as I love Lincoln? Will Lincoln feel replaced and sad? So many emotions and feelings.

I have felt A-mazing this week! Seriously! I haven’t had a single symptom of being pregnant, besides constant kicks to the ribs and sides, not even acid-reflux or pain in the pubic bone. Maybe the honeymoon stage of the second trimester will linger a little longer. Cross my fingers!

Baby is doing good and growing wonderfully. I swear he kicks me all day long and it is starting to get a little painful but I enjoy every moment. I went to my doctor’s appointment and I am measuring right on, healthy, healthy. He is now the size of cauliflower!

Here I am. I finally went and bought a couple of new shirts and a pair of shorts. My sister-in-law gave me this maternity skirt and I love it.




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  1. Congrats! Kids are a special and lot of fun! Enjoy this special time every second. Pregnant Weeks