Saturday, April 14, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

I missed last week because we went to Idaho for awhile. It was great to see my family, but I don’t think I will be driving much during my pregnancy anymore. I felt great clear up until last Sunday when I played steal the flag with my family. I was doing good until I had to get someone out of jail and ran my little heart out. Of course I didn’t get caught! I am faster than my brother even pregnant. Yet, after that run I couldn’t walk anymore. I dragged myself to the house where I laid down and tried to get the pain in my pubic bone to go away. It hurt so bad! I could hardly sleep that night and every time I moved I would cry out in pain. The next day my brother, who is a Chiropractor, worked on me and I felt much better. I waddled for a few days, but at least I wasn’t fighting back tears with every movement.

I have gained another three pounds, making the total 20. I seriously cannot believe that I am six months pregnant. It is incredible! Baby is moving lots and I occasionally get a kick to the ribs. My acid reflux has been non-existent lately and I think it is because my stomach has finally popped out. I think I look bigger in real life than this picture. Probably because I am standing up straight when I usually am all sloppy posture! I finally went out and bought a new bra and oh my gosh can I breathe! I need to go buy some bigger shirts and pants. It is crazy how much prettier I feel when I wear clothes that actually fit. It would be great to say “I wore the same clothes my entire pregnancy” but let’s be honest, that would not be very flattering, even if I was only belly.


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