Tuesday, March 6, 2012

19 and 20 Weeks Pregnant

On Wednesday I had my second appointment and it was a complete disaster. Long story short, the office was much too big for me and the secretary was very rude and talked to me like I was an idiot, which I was from all the confusion. They wanted me to drive to a different building to get my blood work done and schedule another appointment with a different office to have an ultra-sound. The doctor was a big sweetheart, but I don’t feel like driving all over town to have appointments, especially since it took me an hour to get there (I got lost with a GPS). Once I got to my car I bawled for a good ten minutes because I miss my small town where everything is simple, friendly and convenient. I scheduled an appointment for next week with a different office that is only ten minutes away and everything is done in the same building. We’ll see how it goes!

However, I don’t want to focus on the negatives of the appointment because there is way more exciting things to talk about!

Like the fact that I am going to have a BOY!!! The doctor did a quick ultra-sound so I could find out the gender and my little boy was trying his best to hide his privates. I instantly could tell it was a boy, but it took the doctor a while to get a good picture. Towards the end, baby got the hiccups and it was just about the cutest thing ever. He is growing good and will probably be bigger than Lincoln was.

As for having a boy…..

Wow! I am beyond excited! How cute is it that I will have two adorable boys? Very cute! I can’t wait to dress them the same for church. As soon as my appointment was over I drove to a store and bought them a couple of matching outfits. I have about six storage bins packed with baby clothes(from Lincoln) and I can’t wait to go through them. Of course I will be buying plenty of new clothes too, because I am one for spoiling my children rotten.

As for the little guy, he is doing good. He has a strong heart beat and measuring a little bigger than 19 weeks, so they moved up my due date to

July 21, 2012

Yep, that is right! I am in fact 20 weeks and four days today. I promise I didn’t skip a week. This week I have once again felt great, lots of energy, no pregnancy symptoms and even my acid reflux I have managed to keep away by watching my proportions. And with being 20 weeks, that means I am at the half-way mark! WOW! Is that crazy or what? You know what is even crazier? Baby is the length of a banana!




Can you believe there is a baby in there? Seems like a dream until the little guy gives me a soft kick.

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